Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If you ask an SLP a question

If you ask an SLP a question
She'll want to find the answer to the question
She'll need to find the answer
It will bother her if she doesn't
So She'll ask you follow up questions
She'll ask other staff questions
She'll ask other SLPs questions
She'll ask Google questions
She'll look up information in books
If her books don't have the answers she will borrow others
If they don't have the answers she will buy new books
She will look up research articles to verify the information
She will use the ASHA sight, Facebook, Pinterest, and other media resources to brainstorm, reason, process, and converse about the question
She will analyze the information
She'll change her mind several times on the best possible solution
She will pool her colleagues again to collaborate on ideas and solutions
She will ask herself some more questions
Chances are, she will have found an evidence based, best practice answer
And chances are
If she has found an answer she will share it with you, even though you may not like the answer.  

By: Me

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