Message From God

    Message from God

    (Insert your name) you do not trust Me with your problems.  
    You have become tired of talking to me frequently. 
    You don't bring me praises and thanksgivings and I have been so good to you. 
    Yet you don't stop to appreciate my goodness. 
    Instead you give me all your problems and burdens.
    You ask always and it tires me.  
    I AM the ONE who removes your sins, I am HE!
    I will not remember your sins. 
    Just remember me. 
    Let's work through things and walk through life together. 
    Tell me your case, I will judge and forgive and protect.
    I will defend and reprove those who come against you.

    Listen to me, I made you. 
    I have chosen you - fear not. 
    I will quench your thirst and bless you and your descendants. 
    I will send My Spirit to be with you. 
    You are Mine.

    You are my witness.  
    I am your rock. 
    (Don't forget it.)


    Isaiah 43: 22-28 & 44:1-5, 8