Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Beautiful Heart

I called a friend from long ago today. I thanked him for always having a kind word to say. Regardless of how I felt or looked, each time I saw him he would give me a hug and tell me I was the most beautiful person he'd ever met.
When I was younger I didn't understand. I wasn't strikingly beautiful. I had jaw surgeries frequently which distorted my appearance and thought he was just being nice. As I have grown older his words have come to mean a lot to me. On days when I feel down they lift me up, knowing that besides God, my other- grandfather loves me somewhere far away.
Today I was overwhelmed with gratitude for his kindness and called him to tell him how much I appreciated his words. What he told me on the phone brought tears to my eyes.
He said, "Sweetheart, you are beautiful. You have a pretty face and I'm not saying you're not beautiful on the outside because you are but the inside of a person is the most important part. Darling, you have the sweetest most beautiful heart of anyone I have ever met. The love you have for others just radiates out of you and shines for all to see. I wish that everyone was just like you. You are so beautiful and we will always love you just like God loves you."

Those words are the most powerful thing anyone has ever said to me. I felt like God was reaching down from heaven and holding me close, telling me how much He loves me.

If you are feeling down today. Read these words. Read them as if they are from God.
, spoken to you, because that is what God sees in you, a beautiful that is more precious to Him than any other just because it belongs to you. God loves you so much. Accept it and enjoy the journey.

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Angie Joseph said...

Wow! Yes, tears. You are so loved by us all.