Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It is Tuesday.  There are two more days of work before summer vacation begins! My house is a disaster zone, my dog is obsessed with a new buffalo tendon bone I got her and my brain is crazy busy and full of planning, lists, to-dos, and last minute things. 

I have officially joined the land of stressed-out insanity.

I walked around my house, holding my phone to my ear for several minutes before I realized I didn't call anyone and no one called me.

I walked into my office and casually threw my jacket into the trash can just as "every-day" as when I usually drape it over the back of my office chair.  I then stood there, confused, looking into my trash can thinking, "Something is not right....something doesn't belong..." for way to long before I realized what I'd done.

I have a thousand things to do and absolutely NO motivation to do them.

I have become ridiculously attached to books.  I read on average a book a day....sometimes two. Large, medium, small books.  Devotional, self-help, fiction, sci-fi, biographies, nonfiction, children's books, educational books, books for work, etc. etc.   It's becoming ridiculous.  I've started limiting my books and will have to get a library card ASAP so that I don't go bankrupt feeding my hunger for knowledge.  When did I become so nerdy? Oh wait, I always have been this way. 

I have become an expert at making food out of minimal ingredients.  I'm contemplating starting writing entries in my "Cooking with nothing" cookbook again.  

I also should never have indulged in my craving for Chex-Crispies with butterscotch chips.  It opened Pandora's box of sweet-toothness and now I am spending a lot of energy curving my newly rediscovered sweet tooth and attempting to eat more healthily.  On a bright note, I have successfully regained the twenty odd pounds I lost last year and am maintaining a more healthy weight....thank you sugar and dairy products.  I hate you and love you all at the same time.  Woe is me.

I have rediscovered painting and spend a lot of time listening to audio books or having my Kindle read to me while I paint in the evenings. 

I have also discovered how to knit socks which was on my bucket list. It's a very eclectic bucket list, what can I say, I'm unique.   I now have one officially completed sock. We'll see how many months/years it takes me to turn my solo sock into a pair.

I found an exercise that I LOVE doing.   Riding my bike.  It's fast paced. It's outside.  It makes my legs and lungs burn like no other.  I can feel the wind in my hair.  I can see things and the scenery changes which keeps my borderline ADD side happy.   Plus riding my mountain bike on the road is way harder and thus must be better exercise.  Maybe someday I will get a road bike....or I'll get good enough to brave the mountain bike trails with all the good riders.  Maybe I can even get clip-ins...oooo....scary thought with my crash tendencies.

I could write fifteen or twenty more things but I should probably get back to work.  There is never enough time in the day. 

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